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Missed Fall 2015 Admissions? It’s Not Too Late

Students unlucky in the college admissions game can still get in under the wire.  Plenty of circumstances may have arose that deterred your student from acceptance.  Maybe all of their choices fell through.  Maybe they wavered between attending college or not and finally decided to take the plunge. Late Admission? No Problem No matter the reason, … [Read more...]

Steering into Your Best College Choice

Some of the best colleges are like a classic Ferrari roadster.  A college education at an Ivy League school, much like having a Ferrari, will never go out of style, it has a great reputation, and although it might be expensive, it seems worth every penny.  But is it the best college for you?  What are the most important factors for you to consider … [Read more...]

Weathering the Storm: Divorce & Financial Aid

What happens when parents are getting a divorce, but financial aid for their dependent child has yet to be processed for the next school term?  Even amidst parental separation, it often requires a student to itemize their income along with the custodial parent on the joint income tax return.  If you’re in this situation, it’s important to find out … [Read more...]

May 2015 Newsletter: Will MOOC Enrollment Trump College Admissions?

May 2015 Newsletter   Happy May!  May 1st was the deadline for most college decisions.  Congrats to all students who've made their life-changing college choice! Your next step is to build your college funding plan and map out your financial life.  We can help you take your next step on the path to creating a clear college … [Read more...]

Future Investing with Summer Programs and Internships

Seniors: With summer approaching, you and other high school students may first bask in the glow of three months away from essays and assigned projects.  Once that feeling subsides—particularly for all of you wonderfully ambitious students—you’ll wonder if any options exist to keep your mind stimulated, prepare yourself for their future careers, or … [Read more...]