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Tax Advantaged College Strategies

Often times, college planning entails helping a family increase their opportunity to qualify for financial aid.  But what can be done for families who will likely NOT qualify for financial aid, given their income level and/or countable assets? Parents who are small business owners have additional college funding tools available to them that … [Read more...]

Competency Based Education will be a Disruptive Force in Higher Education

Get ready for a “game changing” system of learning that will soon replace the old model of the “credit hour” and “seat time”.  Competency Based Education (CBE) is the next innovative initiative to reach higher education. CBE is a move to personalize learning – teaching degree seeking students what they don’t know and by-passing what they already … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Skillfully Balance Work & School

Students, whether in high school or college, find it challenging to successfully navigate the burdens of school and work without wanting to tear their hair out.  It may seem too stressful, but it is possible!  It's all about balance.  We've come up with 5 tips to help you create a manageable flow between your school and work lives. 1.  Use a … [Read more...]

March Newsletter 2014: College Award Letters, TACS & More

It's March! We've officially dived into spring, and if you are a senior, it's decision time!  The time has arrived to weigh your college options and finalize your college funding plan. Remind your student to keep an eye out for award letters, some of which are now sent via e-mail.  As award letters come flooding in, your student needs to … [Read more...]

Clearing the Confusion: What to Expect from Award Letters

Seniors: As we dive into the spring months of March and April, it's time to look out for award letters and college admission offers. The majority of colleges will send out awards letters in March and require your acceptance before May 1st. Breaking Down Award Letters While you can easily find sample letters online to get the gist of what an … [Read more...]