Westface College Planning’s Twitter Listed in Top 10 Ranking

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Last week, we were proud to be named by "The College Money Man" JR Vasquez as one of his Top 10 Twitter feeds under the umbrella of admissions, scholarship and financial aid.  He's consistently kept tabs on and re-blogged our guest-submitted posts on College Smart Radio. This is a snippet about us from his … [Read more...]

April Newsletter 2014: College Meal Plans, FAFSA Confusion & More


It's April! If you're the parent of a senior, your soon-to-be college student has received acceptance and award letters.  They will be making their tough final college choice this month. A not-so-tough, but important, next decision will be the sifting through the options for college meal plans.  This month's Senior Scoop describes a general … [Read more...]

A Buffet of Meal Plans for Hungry College Students

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Seniors:  Forget the sky-high costs of tuition and books.  What about food?  It's not only an ongoing necessity of human life, it often puts a substantial strain on your wallet. "Crunching" the Numbers As tuition rises, the cost of food follows the same path.  For the average single male or female, the monthly cost of food towers at around … [Read more...]

Tax Advantaged College Strategies

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Often times, college planning entails helping a family increase their opportunity to qualify for financial aid.  But what can be done for families who will likely NOT qualify for financial aid, given their income level and/or countable assets? Parents who are small business owners have additional college funding tools available to them that … [Read more...]

Competency Based Education will be a Disruptive Force in Higher Education


Get ready for a “game changing” system of learning that will soon replace the old model of the “credit hour” and “seat time”.  Competency Based Education (CBE) is the next innovative initiative to reach higher education. CBE is a move to personalize learning – teaching degree seeking students what they don’t know and by-passing … [Read more...]